Master Planning- CPG Consultants, Singapore

CPG Corporation Pvt Ltd is an internationally recognized master planning firm having global presence in countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Brazil, China, Russia, India and many more.

The well-planned and aesthetically beautiful Master plan of HBS Pharma SEZ has been thematically designed with the specific infrastructure requirement of the SEZ well integrated.

Infrastructure Consultants

Voyants Solutions Pvt Ltd

Voyants are nationally recognized as a design detailed engineering consultancy firm, having tremendous expertise in setting up Pharma SEZs. They have been appointed to ensure cost effective solutions for setting up operations at HBS Pharma SEZ.

Landscape Consultants

Landscape Consultants like Mr. Amitabh Teaotia (Lord Pashupatinath Horticulture Consultants Pvt. Ltd.), known for their experience in handling industrial landscaping, are being consulted for embellishing and enhancing the theme design of the SEZ.

Structural Consultants

Epicons Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has been appointed for the structural design and consultancy work for this SEZ.

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